ELK - Metti Belt

ELK - Metti Belt

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All that glitters is our Metti Belt in eye-catching buffalo leather. Whether you're seeking to add dazzling detail to a classic dress or building colour and texture within your outfit, this style is sure to perform well above its functional duty.

Colour : Rose Gold 

100% Buffalo Leather

Leather is a natural, renewable material made from animal hides that have been preserved and softened through a tanning process. We select our leathers based on their individual properties and the intended application.

Leather lasts a long time, ages well and is easy to care for and repair. Unlike many synthetic materials, leather develops patina over time and gets better with age. Buying a well-made leather product can be considered an investment and supports the slow fashion ethos of “buying less, buying better”. Leather can be recycled or upcycled, and once it reaches the end of its lifecycle it is biodegradable.

The Metti Belt is a thin waist or hip belt that is one size fits most.
2.2 cm W x 116.0 cm L