About Us

Our boutique is located on beautiful white sands of Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast, Queensland. At So Jaded we are passionate about natural fibres & slow fashion .

So Jaded Boutique is proud to offer it's customers a wide selection of clothing & accessories along with a small infusion of home wares & gifts. At So Jaded, we have an ethical approach to fashion, that is natural and sustainable including a strong focus on quality. We carefully source designers with a similar outlook in-order for us to present to our customers a wholesome and environmentally friendly shopping experience. 

We pride ourselves on offering a range of unique designers who are just as passionate about natural fabrics & beautiful fashion as we are and where possible sustainable and ethically sourced.We also have a strong dedication to Australian designers & most importantly sustainable/ ethical practices when it comes to fashion . Putting all of our love & Focus into raw natural fabrics.

Come down to the beach grab a coffee, come in and browse our fashion and accessories while taking in the beautiful beach view. Of course if you cant pop in, click on Shop and find some great designs online , We can order in most sizes / colours that are unavailable .

LA BOTTEGA DI BRUNELLA use the traditional artisan methods of Italian manufacturing of flax. From the weaving of fibers into yarn, to the final product, this label honours the heritage of Italian linen manufacturing, making garments that can be worn for decades.The entire 100% linen processing is carried out in-house: from the yarn to the finished product, where quality comes from a long and consolidated tradition of craftsmanship. The slim and efficient structure of La Bottega di Brunella guarantees a meticulous control of the quality of the products, made by the expert hands of designers, able to develop ideas and emotions that refer to the tradition of the sweet life of the 60s, but always re-proposed respecting current trends. Textile fibers are transformed into precious yarns, thanks to the help of professionals and state-of-the-art machinery, which guarantee robustness, elasticity and lightness of materials and therefore a finished product of excellent quality. 

KLOTH is a handmade luxury clothing brand whose focus is to produce pieces that translate to all occasions for women of all ages. They only use natural fibres such as linen, cotton and silk which allow your body to breathe and feel beautiful to wear. Their pieces will become cherished staples in your wardrobe and can be added to year after year and they believe and only participate in ethical manufacturing practices which include living wages and work conditions (& every piece has pockets !!)

MANDORLE Mandorles focus on creating garments that are easy to wear.
Each piece is made in Italy and is created taking in consideration the needs of today’s women. The natural fibres give a sense of freshness and a natural look.The distinct colours enhance the individual character. The relax style empowers the freedom of comfortable elegance for all women.


ELK DESIGNED IN MELBOURNE, HANDMADE GLOBALLY . A pioneer of independent Australian design, ELK was founded by husband and wife Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia. Seasonal collections typically lean towards natural hues and use fine quality raw materials sourced from all over the world. We also adopt an unwavering commitment to working with independent manufacturers across the globe whose traditional skills and techniques guarantee authentic, high quality execution of their collections. Beyond their commitment to great design, we have a strong ethical foundation. Our mission is to design and manufacture well-considered products that support traditional trades and a circular economy, and that are made responsibly, with regard for people, animals and the environment.

MADE IN MADA created in 2014 after owners moved to Sydney from Madagascar. By creating work for the locals, the establishment of Made in Mada assisted in maintaining traditional Madagascan crochet and weaving production and provided workers with a sustainable income.The nature of the products and growth of the business in the past few years means their income is not only seasonal as we give them the opportunity to work all year round.The result of the locals working in favourable conditions, close to home and close to their families, is the beautifully pieces made by hand with unmatched craftsmanship. 

DUSKY ROBIN s island home (Tasmania) use over 30 years of experience in leather design and making to design bags, wallets and clutches, which are made globally by their craftspeople. They work with small scale family businesses in Indonesia and India to produce our leather products.  We have worked with the same family for over 30 years. Most of our leather is vegetable tanned and chosen for its quality and longevity.

INKOLIVES  ‘Made in Italy’ fashion label – a range that has been built from scratch with bare hands & hearts. Inkolives’ products are designed to support craftsmanship, encourage new ideas and help traditional skills survive, thrive and be passed down through generations. Brothers Ciccio and Giovanni have been working with leather for the past 40 years and are passionate about creating high-quality, handcrafted shoes and bags, combining century-old techniques and the finest materials. They often involve the local community in the making of some of the designs – from highly-skilled tailors who create and sew our leather jackets to talented nonnas who hand-crochet our sandals and slides.