Designed In Byron Bay NSW

Designer of COR is Jaz, living /designing In Byron Bay, her art is printed on sustainably produced fabrics that are carefully selected for quality.

Her designs are timelessly modern while being comfortable and flattering. When you put on a Cor garment that want you to feel at home and feel yourself. Each garment is a piece of art to be treasured and worn for years. 

70% of a companies environmental impact happens at a raw material level. With Cor she is on a mission to use only responsibly sourced fabrics that are sustainable for our planet. Her current fabrics are Lenzing Tencel, Linen and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Cor is proud to partner with Siobhan and Fionnuala Garment Manufacturing, in Bali, Indonesia. This ethical cut, make and trim facility is owned and operated by two women with a commitment to up-skill their employees and provide a fun, ethical and dynamic working environment. 80% of the employees at S & F are women. The two most senior positions following the owners are production manager and sample manager, both held by women. All employees receive the following benefits: living wage which is reviewed externally by the Indonesian Government every three months, pension fund (super annuation equivalent), paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance and overtime pay.

 So why ‘Cor’?

Since Cor’s beginning, in 2016, their name continues to grow in its synchronicity. What began as a nod to Jaz’s Portuguese beginnings resonates again and again with our philosophy of sustainability and focus on slow, quality fashion.

  • ‘Cor’; the Portuguese word for colour.

  • ‘Cor’; the latin word for heart. We like to use this as a compass, in everything we do here, we must be from the heart.

  • ‘Cor’ an on going body of work, refined garments that will be your staples. We are continually working on refining and perfecting our designs and processes so that they will be your go to pieces for years to come.